Have you ever wanted to have those beautiful windows 10 spotlight images? If Yes then you came to the right place. You probably notice that the lock screen displays the beautiful and nice background image. Those images are automatically chosen from the Bing and sized for the desktop screen. This feature is known as Windows Spotlight which looks great on the 4k monitors. The problem is it is difficult to find those image on the internet without any keyword or link to download them. The thing is we already have those images but can’t find and store in the particular folder. So here you will see where and how to get windows 10 spotlight/lock screen images.

Process To Get Windows 10 Spotlight

Go to your windows C drive and click on the View and enable hidden items and file name extensions. 0pen Users folder then click on your name(username kept on PC). You get to see the hidden folder AppData so open the folder. Go to the folder name Local and search for the Packages(folder). After clicking on Package you need to look out for Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager. From here you need to click on the local state then to assets. Here it is, these are the files you are looking for. Now click on the Size so that you can see files from bigger to lower. Do not choose small files like 18 KB. You can choose the files that have the minimum on 100KB but choose mostly of 1000KB. Copy the bigger files and paste it in any place you like it.

Now you need to rename that files with .png or .jpg (for example – 2443sd.png). Like this, you can see the images and use it as desktop background.

Another way to get those images is by using SpotBright (Download). This app helps you to download the Spotlight images in just two clicks. Feel free to use any method to get those images.

If you want to know how to shut down automatic updates in windows 10 Click Here.

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