Without a doubt Money SMS app is the legit and free to make money online. You get money for receiving the SMS and all you need is the smartphone with the internet, how simple is that. If you talk about the payment then 1 euro is all you need to cash out. Money SMS have also provided 30% of the referral program. My referral code is 8E50A1C02F5 and 8E50C7B3E2Cyou can use any of them and get 0.50 euro bonus. Check out my previous post on MoneySMS – Money SMS – Earn Money For Getting SMS.

If you have used the latest version of Money SMS then you might have been facing problems. The latest version is 5.0.4 which was updated on November 28, 2017. This version has lots of problems that might lead the users not to trust Money SMS. Ever since the app was updated balance remains the same even after receiving SMS while having internet. Logout button was not working well as many time needed to restart mobile. Sometimes it says to update the app while the latest version is installed. If you’re facing other problems you can comment as well as take support/help from the Money SMS. To get in touch with then send mail at [email protected]

Recently I had sent the feedback to the above-given address and they told me to delete the latest version of the app on the smartphone and back to 4.1.6 version. Download: http://moneysmsapp.com/MoneySMS.apk. After downloading the app and log in, my payment was updated and everything works fine. As for Money SMS, they should bring back the 4.1.6 version on Google PlayStore as well. Check out the FAQ and get your answers – http://moneysmsapp.com/faq.

If you’re facing problems then you should install this version of the app. It works correctly. Hope this will solve your problems and have good extra earning.

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