Given list are considered to be the top internet browsers of 2017. As of this date, we can find lots of browsers with different and unique features built-in. Now there are many competitive browsers in the market as there’s a choice for the internet users. Without a doubt, Google Chrome is the number one internet browser in the world. Let’s continue with the list of top internet browsers with the image below.

Top Internet Browsers of 2017

Google Chrome – As of now, Google Chrome is finally going to kill the spam website redirects. Google also adds some basic antivirus features to Chrome for Windows. The browser is available for both computers and mobiles.  Download Google Chrome here. It is available in iPhone and iPad as well. The browser got speed, security, and privacy. Chrome can be customized from the chrome web store. The best part of the chrome is its design and layout are simple to use.

Safari – This browser was developed by Apple for Mac and iOS. Its a default browser for all the Apple devices. Though safari was available for Windows till 2012. Safari was released on January 7, 2003. Safari launch and page loading time are impressive and it provides security features. It lacks customization option which other browsers offer.

Internet Explorer & Microsoft Edge – I actually don’t have to expand the info on these browsers, every Windows OS user knows about Internet Explorer and Microsoft edge. We get these browsers default in Windows and Edge is available on Windows 10 and its preview is available on Android (Play Store). None of these browsers are available on Apple devices. More than internet explorer, latest windows 10 Microsoft edge is run. Microsoft Edge extensions are distributed via Windows Store. Edge is just as fast as competitors like Chrome and Firefox, leaving Internet Explorer in the past.

Speaking of competitors, Firefox still holds to be in the top internet browsers. This browser’s layout, design, and user interface have outdated but still, it is the most secure web browser you can find on the web. Latest Firefox 10 is available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store. [Direct Link] The Firefox Quantum is set for release on the November 14 [Desktop Version].

Opera browser also able to keep its position on the list of top internet browsers. This browser is available for all Windows, Mac, and Linux. To download the browser click here. Latest Opera browser is built-in with the ad blocker, battery saver, and free VPN.

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