It is important to increase your online security as there’s a lot of cybercrime is rising. There are extensions for the Google Chrome browser that can help to protect your sensitive information and increase your overall privacy. Here are the 10 of the best extensions for chrome that can help to enhance your security.

Privacy Badger – It was created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. This browser add-on blocks ads and other third-party trackers that secretly track you while you’re on the web. You will find the icon for privacy badger to the right of the address bar. Some of the trackers are different colors but when you first start using this extension you’ll notice all the sliders are green. If this add-on detects that an advertiser’s tracking you over multiple websites then it shall block advertiser from loading any more contents. The privacy badger extension will usually begin blocking trackers after installation when you’ve been to at least 4 to 5 websites.

Unshorten.Link – It helps to reveal the suspicious looking shortened links on web pages. They usually start out with, and there are many others. This extension may just save you from accidentally going to a dangerous website.

Dashlane – It’s the first of two password managers. Dashlane is easy to setup and uses the icon sites to the right of the address bar. You can also think of it as a bookmark manager for all the sites that you log into. Clicking on one of your accounts will take you to their website selecting login will automatically log you into that site. If you are looking for an alternative for LastPass or have never used a password manager before, Dashlane is a great one to check out.

Ghostery – It’s another extension that can help you to find out who is tracking you online. It will show you how many trackers there are on a webpage. Ghostery makes web pages load quicker too.

Avast Online Security –  This add-on helps to alert you if a website is considered to be unsafe by their community of over 400 million users. When you do a search site of the green bubble are believed to be safe. Those with a question mark don’t have enough data to give a rating and if you find a site in red those are deemed to be unsafe.

Disconnect  – It allows you to block individual sites that track you which they claim can make web pages load up to44 percent faster. In addition to privacy badger and Ghostery, disconnect us yet another great choice for blocking trackers.

Blur –  It is the second password manager listed in this post. It protects your passwords and helps to mask your credit card information to make shopping online more secure. When you select the blur icon you’ll notice that it also blocks trackers on websites. Unlike Dashlane it doesn’t list all your accounts. Blur is another great choice for those of you that want additional features from your password manager.

HTTPS Everywhere–  It was created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Tor Project. It encrypts the browsing internet experience by turning the insecure HTTP link request to the more secure HTTPS when you are on a website. This extension will force an encrypted connection with that site and those connected to it. This is an extension you can just leave turned on and forget about it with HTTPS Everywhere added to chrome. It will help to protect you from the many forms of surveillance and account hijacking.

Click&Clean – It can be used to delete browsing history, cache, cookies and a whole lot more with just one click. First, select the Click&Clean icon and when you’re ready to close out your browser select securely closed browser. You can remove certain things individually you have the choice to clear private data, cache, history, downloads, and cookies. If you want to change the settings select the gearbox and you have several options here to tick on or off. Click&Clean is easy to use the extension for removing junk from your browser.

uBlock Origin – Its the ad blocker that blocks more ads and uses fewer system resources and web pages appear to load faster than its competitors. If you’re using Adblock plus or any of the other choices and you’re noticing more ads or getting through gives you block origin a try.

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