SEO For Beginners – I will tell you guys everything you need to know about search engine optimization (SEO) to successfully promote your website in free and organic search results of the major search engines. It’s easy to find information about SEO. Just google it like you do it for other info. You will get so many information that makes you much more confusing even misleading or completely wrong that you won’t know where to start. It’s hard to find common sense down to the information provided in an easy to understand format. That’s what the topic is all about.

SEO is easy once you know the secrets. Once you understand the few basic rules about how to create a web page for the instant. Each time you create a new page you follow the same basic rules. Coding pages for SEO don’t have to be huge or complicated. However, there is a lot to know. Things involved in SEO is about making a right decision and avoiding things that won’t work well in the search engines. About getting links pointing to the site for example. But understanding what kinds of links help you and which kind don’t. Its true there is a lot to learn but the good news is, once you understand the rules it actually works straightforward.

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From picking keywords to structure data markup, from understanding how to use links to working with the webmasters’ console. There is six variable to consider. First, you must understand keywords. The search terms people enter into the search box went looking for something in the search engines. Keywords connect people to your site. Use the wrong keyword and you won’t reach the right people.

There’s Content the stuff on your website. This generally means text or articles along with images and videos. This content has to be a right keyword in order to convince the search engines that your page is matched with the keywords. You need to know what kind of content is helpful and how much and how should it be formatted to be readable by the search engines.

Optimization – This is related to just how and where you place your keywords into the content. You want the search engine to find the right keywords in the right kind of content in the right places within the right coding.

Submissions – How do you submit your sites to the search engines so that they can index the site. Submission is all about making sure that you have links so that search engines can find your site. Submitting an XML sitemap through the search engines webmasters console.

Links – Links pointing to your site and even between the pages within your site is incredibly important. Without the right kinds of link, it’s simply impossible to match with others in the search engines.

Time – It’s true that older sites rank higher in compared to new sites.That doesn’t mean it will rank lower for always. It’s better to start the website sooner than later. As you put content on your site with unique topics with good keywords and links it will rank higher.

Except for above points, you need to know about the page creation tool like HTML coding. Most people use WordPress to create contents and sometime you might have to use the Editor to add /remove the text from your site. So this basic knowledge is important.

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