OBS Studio is the free open source screen recorder available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. To get OBS Studio onto your computer go to the website. The windows and Mac downloads are standard installer packages. If you select the Linux link, it will open up a new page with the install directions. Once you have OBS installed open up the software. Now you have OBS opened if this is your first time using this software, the screen capture area within the window should be black.

You need to set up a source so go down to the source box select the plus sign, you will have several choices. If you plan to record your screen with the file save your computer so you can edit them later on select display capture. Make sure that makes source visible is checked then select ok. Click on the display button to select the monitor you would like to record. If you have a single monitor you should have only one option here. If you’re running a multiple monitor setup select your monitor. If you want your mouse cursor to be captured when OBS records make sure that capture cursor is checked. When done select Ok.

Go back to the sources box and select the plus sign again, if you plan to record the video games that you play. Select game capture just like before and make sure that make source visible is checked and select ok. You can just leave everything to the defaults and select ok again. If you want to change the source settings select the source then select the settings icon. You can change the display to delete a source. Select it then select the minus sign, it will ask you if you’re sure you want to remove display capture and select Yes.

In addition to recording your display, OBS also records your desktop audio from games websites or any other software on your computer. It can also record the audio from your microphone. For desktop, audio click the setting icon to the right of the volume bar select properties from the drop-down menu. Make sure that default is selected then hit ok. Just below desktop audio, there’s a separate listing for the microphone. Select the settings icon then properties. To choose the microphone that you want to use then you have it selected, select ok. To the right of the scene transitions is Controls. For doing a live stream you would select start streaming. Start recording is for standard screen capture. Once you become more comfortable with OBS yo may want to try out studio mode for live streaming simply it allows you to make changes while you’re streaming like adding and resizing images and adding text. Below studio mode is settings and exit.

In setting take a look at the general settings where you have several languages that you can choose from and give a choice among three themes which will change the way that OBS looks. If you’re streaming and want to save a copy of your live stream to your desktop you would check automatically record when streaming. If your computer is not that powerful it may be best leave this unchecked. In the stream category, streaming service is the most common stream type you can choose from different service including twitch, YouTube, and many others. Stream Key section is where you’d paste the key from the services you’re using. In the output, we’ll look at the simple mode. The streaming and recording settings will work for most of you. If you are recording, recording path where you want your files to be saved. Set the recording quality to high recording format to mp4 and encoder to Hardware. The hotkey section is where you can assign keyboard shortcuts.

I guess this is all you need to know about OBS Studio in the beginning of using software and put other option settings default. Hopefully, it has helped you out with learning.

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