There are the variety of web browsers that are available for users to use on their computers. In the present time, the most popular internet browser in the world is Google Chrome and no one can deny that. Sometimes the term most popular does not always mean the best. So here is the six best and most secure web browser for use on Windows and Mac computers.

most secure web browser

Google Chrome – It has a friendly user interface consistent stability and cross-platform use are the reasons this browser is number one. It’s large range of useful extensions also help to customize the experience a downside to chrome is that it is a resource hog. Those with low RAM may find chrome to be sluggish. Over than that for overall functionality, Google Chrome is the best

Opera – This Browser should be more popular than it is with its many killer features. It launches fast an has a turbo mode for those with slow connections. It also features a battery saving mode which should help your laptop to form for longer in between charges. I also offer a free VPN.

Mozilla Firefox – One time it used to be the most popular browser. Its outdated user interface with search and address bar separated along with its middling benchmarks for speed have dragged this browser down. It’s still a very good browser to be listed in the most secure web browser

Microsoft Edge – It is the default browser on Windows 10. It currently doesn’t offer native support on Macs. Edge is definitely more user-friendly than its older buddy Internet Explorer. It has the feature called reading view

Vivaldi – It is attempting to become the most personalized web browser out there. It has innovative taps technique tech. You can dock websites as side panels we’re working on the main menu. There’s also a built-in note-taking system. It does currently lack official support for extensions which hopefully they will add in future updates.

Tor Browser – This browser won’t be for everyone. Tor browser is the most secure web browser on the list. Most associate Tor with the dark web to able to access otherwise unlisted sites. Most users like about Tor is that nothing is stored or tracked not even cookies. You can even run it from a USB flash drives. The browser might run slow but if you require extra privacy this trade-off may be worth it to you.

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