When you first begin utilizing Spotify, it can be mistaking and overpowering for every one of the decisions so here I will show you how to use Spotify. I will go over the fundamentals to kick you off alongside a few hints. As of the theme, it is just for the amateurs who wanna know about Spotify tips.

Before you begin utilizing Spotify, You will be given two decisions – Spotify Free and Spotify Premium with either plan you gain admittance to a substantial library of music that you can play on PC and smartphones. If you go for the free plan you’ll have to deal with the ads. If you go with the premium plan you can get rid of the ads. You will receive additional features that include unlimited skips, better quality audio, being able to download tracks to listen to offline along with other features.

Spotify Premium Free Apk

Do you want to know how to use Spotify then first what you need is Spotify App. Spotify is the best platform for listening music but the thing is Spotify is not available in all countries. Here I wanna give tips for all the viewers around the world so that everyone can get their answers. Downloading Spotify and getting premium for the countries like US, Germany, Australia is no big deal. For those viewers who need Spotify App but difficult to get it, you can check the link down below.

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This Spotify Apk works 100% cause I’m using it for myself. If you guys haven’t heard the news that Spotify has banned mod Apk and won’t let user login to the account. So most of the Spotify mod Apk won’t be useful at all.

Now you have Spotify Apk and you can download a desktop app. Let’s go and create an account. If you’re from Spotify unsupported countries make sure to use VPN while Sign up and Login. I personally prefer to Sign up with your email address.

How to use Spotify App – Spotify picture, Playlist, Songs

How to change Spotify picture

Changing Spotify picture is simple but only with Desktop App. You won’t be able to change the Spotify picture from a browser or mobile app. Spotify hasn’t brought those feature yet on a mobile app. If you wanna change anything you can do it with the desktop app.

Once you login to desktop App you will see your username on top of the page on the right side. Just click it and open page. You will see the circle with word ‘Change’. Just click and change it.

Make a playlist on Spotify

You can create a playlist from both PC and Smartphone. But there is some difference, a mobile app can just create a playlist but from the desktop, you can add picture and description as well. To make a playlist on Spotify from a mobile you can choose a song. Then click on ‘Add to Playlist’ and select the playlist or create a new playlist.

Make a playlist on Spotify

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If you want you can share Spotify playlist, You can also make a playlist a secret not making it public. If you feel like to remove songs from Spotify playlist you can do it with the same process – just click on the right side of the music and click on remove from this playlist. Within each new playlist, the maximum number of songs that you can have in one playlist is 10,000 songs. You can also follow your favorite playlist as well.

How to get your music on Spotify

You will see the Local Files on the left side in the ‘Your Library’. Go and click it – You will see all the music that is available on your computer. Select the song and click on the more button. Then you can add it to the playlist.

Do you feel like to change Spotify username? 

Yeah! Can I…… The answer is no. You must remember that you won’t be able to change your username twice.

How to listen to Spotify offline?

You need to get your account premium. The Spotify premium Apk won’t work so forget about it.

Hope this post on how to use Spotify was helpful to you and if you have any question then comment down in the box.

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