Well if you wanna know how do you change your playlist picture on Spotify then you have come to the right place. It is all simple and does know by many of Spotify desktop users. Yeah! you heard me right cause Playlist Picture can only be changed through a desktop. Unfortunately, the webplayer also does not support changing the picture of a playlist which means I’m talking about the Spotify App.

You can not change your playlist picture from the mobile app. So we are going to use the desktop to change the picture. Remember that you can only change your own created playlist but not other users It just takes few steps so let’s do this.

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How do you change your playlist picture on Spotify From Desktop

While changing the picture you can also rename the Spotify playlist names along with a description which is just like creating a new playlist. Get Desktop App if you haven’t yet downloaded Spotify. If you have the desktop app then let’s change Spotify playlist picture.

So first Login to your user account from the desktop. You will see the list of a playlist on the left side of the App that you have been following as well as your playlist which you have created. If you have not created playlists yet then click on the New Playlist.

Click on your playlist that you want to change the image. Go to the more button which is next to the play button. There you will see edit details so click on it.

Now you will see the playlist details popup. So finally you can now replace the picture as well as Name and Description. Remember that file size must be lesser than 4 MB. If your thinking about how to make a Spotify playlist public. You don’t have to think at all cause its public in the first place but you do can make a playlist a secret.

So finally you can change the picture of a playlist and won’t have to worry next time.

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