So you wanna know how to download Spotify songs to mp3? If yes then, you have come to the right place. Before we start to download the songs you’re gonna need a PC with Spotify App. So if you don’t have it then download right now from the official website of Spotify. If you need any help with Spotify then check out the links given below.

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How to download Spotify Songs from AllToMP3

You have a Spotify app on your PC and now you need  – AllToMP3 app. AllToMP3 can download Spotify songs to mp3 file in 256kbps Bitrate quality. It is available for all the operating system – Windows, Mac and Linux. Just download the newest version of AllToMP3 cause older version has lots of problems.

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As of above post, many things have been fixed. You can check my older post if you want to. The above post is related to Version 0.3.2.  AllToMp3 v0.3.4 is the currently available software converter which has lesser problems than before. Just download AllToMP3.

I guess you have started to download the software. Let’s start to download the songs. So login to your account in Spotify App then select the song, playlist or album you want to download or convert to MP3.

You have to do just like shown in the picture. Click on the more option > Select Share Button > Click on Copy Song Link. In playlist or album option it will be – copy playlist link/copy album link.

Open the AllToMP3 app then just paste the link in the box. Press the Enter button on the keyboard to download.

Hope this post will help you to download songs from Spotify alongside playlist and albums. If you have any questions comment down below.

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