Automatic updates in the windows 10 are very unfair to the users whose not interested in unnecessary updates. This post is all about turning off automatic updates in Windows 10 using group policy editor. For your information there are other two methods to disable updates; Using Metered Connection and Microsoft’s Tool but here we will be using Group Policy Editor. Things to Know; the method can be used only for Windows 10 Pro edition. This method will notify you of new updates without automatically installing them. With this method, you can take control over the updates & choose when to install them.

Steps To Shut Down Automatic Updates:

1: Press Windows key + R to access Run dialog.

2: Type gpedit.msc then press Enter button on the Run dialog box.

3: Search the following list:
     Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update.

4: Check out ‘Configure Automatic Updates’ setting. Then click double to enter.

5: Put the configuration to Enabled on the left-hand side & then choose your own options from the list under the Options. Instruct Windows 10 to “Notify for download & notify for install” while dealing with windows updates. You can also choose other options like Auto download and notify for install, Auto download and schedule the install and Allow local admin to choose the setting.

But if you ever want to disable this policy & bring back to default then just go back to the Configure Automatic Updates selection & make sure Not Configured is selected. The steps that are mentioned in the guide are meant for preventing regular updates that patch security vulnerabilities & improve the overall performance of Windows 10. I personally don’t recommend using a computer without the latest updates because they keep your Windows 10 PC running properly. With this method, you can manually apply the new updates, when you want to install them during the particular time. You can watch video on YouTube as well which was created by Smith Technical Resources (Channel).

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