We all know Google Chrome is the most useful web browser in the world. To take the advantage of the chrome there are lots of extensions that can make your browsing experience more interesting. These extensions could be used in the chromium based browsers. Here you get the 10 cool extensions for Chrome that you might have heard of as well as unknown till now.

ExtensionLightshot (screenshot tool) is one of the most popular screenshot tools. You can select your own area to take shots. Select the Lightshot icon located in the upper right-hand corner then click and drag an area for the screenshot. It offers lots of options if you take the screenshot of images and text. It is the best screenshot extension available in google chrome.

Grammarly for Chrome is a communication extension that helps to improve your grammar. It helps in improvement in every place on the web where you can type like Facebook, Gmail, YouTube everywhere. It helps to solve the grammatical error. Grammarly only supports English. Grammarly is a free extension but it also has a premium version with more features.

Adblock for Youtube™ is used for removing the video ads from the Youtube. It is for those who are sick of getting ads while watching videos on youtube. Once use this extension and you will be free of ads.

LastPass is a free password manager extension which saves your password and provides secure access. You need a master password for LastPass that can be remembered. If you are working on more than one computer and need to log in on every computer LastPass can come in handy. All you need is LastPass in all computer so that you can run all sites without disturbing your mind for username and password.

Google Similar Pages is a cool extension cause it can be very helpful to those who research on the specific topic. How this work is when you’re on any website looking at the post/article you need to click extension button. It will show you a list of websites which are similar to the page you’re on. This is one of the Google’s cool extensions for chrome.

Evernote Web Clipper is one of the most popular notes taking tools. It allows you to quickly save the web content into your Evernote Notebooks. You also need to install Evernote web app to get full use of this extension. Go to your web page click Evernote toolbar button and you can see the options to use it. It also has screenshot options which are cool to use cause it has blurring option.

Magic Actions for YouTube™ gonna be your best friend if you spend lots of time on watching YouTube videos. It has features like Auto HD, control over volume by scrolling, taking snapshot of the video and lot. It can change the filters, loop the video and customize setting. You can auto wide and cinema mode as well.

Black Menu for Google™ is certainly for Google account users. If you use most of the Google services on the daily basis, this is for you. It gives you quick access to all the different google applications right from the toolbar. If you click on the icon it’s going to give you a list of all services. It does save time while surfing the internet.

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Dmitry · October 2, 2017 at 7:00 pm

I use lastpass and grammarly, also oneof my favs I’d like to share is deskun, it’s used for gmail mailtracking and templates. And can be used for task management. check out https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/deskun-a-multichannel-hel/iiliegbpolacldlgjkoconoljdkaaoao/reviews

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