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Best Chrome Extensions: Top 10 Extension to Increase Security

Top 10 Extension to Increase Security

It is important to increase your online security as there's a lot of cybercrime is rising. There are extensions for the Google Chrome browser that can help to protect your sensitive information and increase your overall privacy. Here are the 10 of the best extensions for chrome that can help

Cool Extensions For Firefox: 8 Best Firefox Add-On

Cool Extensions For Firefox: 8 Best Firefox Add-On

Firefox is well known for having great add-ons. These Firefox extensions are beneficial that will help you to take full advantage of the Firefox web browser. Here are the ten of the essential must-have Firefox add-on that every user should know about. If you have trouble using any of these extensions

Top Internet Browsers of 2017

Top Internet Browsers of 2017

Given list are considered to be the top internet browsers of 2017. As of this date, we can find lots of browsers with different and unique features built-in. Now there are many competitive browsers in the market as there's a choice for the internet users. Without a doubt, Google Chrome is

Most Secure Web Browser in the Internet

most secure web browser

There are the variety of web browsers that are available for users to use on their computers. In the present time, the most popular internet browser in the world is Google Chrome and no one can deny that. Sometimes the term most popular does not always mean the best. So here is

10 Alternative Browsers You May Not Know Existed

10 Alternative Browsers

Most of you might not be familiar with the well-known web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera. Some are still using the Internet Explorer. There are lesser-known internet browsers with unique features that may appeal to you as well. So here are the 10 alternative browsers that

Cool Extensions For Chrome: 8 Best Google Chrome Extensions

Cool Extensions For Chrome

We all know Google Chrome is the most useful web browser in the world. To take the advantage of the chrome there are lots of extensions that can make your browsing experience more interesting. These extensions could be used in the chromium based browsers. Here you get the 10 cool