It’s time to show you top software that is amazing and totally free as well. Here are some of the best software chosen that can perform many of the tasks of expensive paid software. All the provided software programs are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

OBS Studio – It is a free and open source screen recorder software. It is great for recording projects that can be saved to your computer and for live streaming of video games or anything else that you want to stream live. OBS is best in its field of the screen recorder which makes it top software among other screen recording programs. Unlike must free screen recorders, OBS doesn’t have any forced watermarks. OBS can record with up to 60fps. One thing I’d recommend doing is going to the hotkey settings and adding some hotkeys that will make your work easier. The latest release of OBS Studio has the Download installer for windows 7and newer, Mac OS 10.10 and newer, and for Linux users, you will have to refer to the build instructions.

FotoSketcher – This software will take your pictures and turn them into artwork. The effects are a lot better than those found in online photo editors. It is easy to use and there are more than 20 different drawing styles than you can choose from. If you hover your mouse over each style, you can see an example. You can change the strength of the effect along with other settings. FotoSketcher is available on windows, an experimental but usable version for Mac and Linux users have been able to run it by using Wine.

F.LUX – It’s a program that adjusts the color temperature of your display according to your location and time of day. Blue light-emitting from your screens in the evening can make it more difficult to sleep. F.lux reduces the blue light levels. You can change the 24-hour presets. Many operating systems now have a built-in night mode but none were good as f.lux. F.lux is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

ATOM – It’s a free and open source text editor for those of you that are computer programmers. There are thousands of open source packages and themes that you can choose from. You can even tweak the user interface. When you launch atom you will have several choices including open a project, install package, choose a theme and others. Once you have a project opened it has a user-friendly layout that shares some similarities to sublime text and visual studio code. You can use Atom on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

VirusTotal – It is owned by Google. The site aggregates many antivirus products and online scan engines. You can upload a file from your PC to scan for different types of malware. You can even check a URL of a website to determine if that site is safe. I prefer to use a VirusTotal desktop app. When you open the program that will show all the executable file on your system. Check one of the files select any and then click on upload process executable. It will show you the results on the VirusTotal Site.

If you know any free software that you think is amazing just like above top software (free) then let others know as well in the comments.

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