AllToMP3 is a free application designed software to download music from YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify in mp3. You can download specific song or album or playlist. It is really one of the best software you can find on the internet for downloading music. It is available for MacOS, Windows, and GNU/Linux. Visit the Website – AllToMP3[Link].

Direct Links:

Windows OS – Download

MacOS – Download

As for Linux, AllToMP3 is available on Ubuntu, Debian, elementary OS and Linux Mint. To install you need to check out the website of AllToMP3.

AllToMP3 is an excellent app that provides songs with tags and lyrics if available. Before I knew about this app it was difficult to get the single songs or an album from the internet, checking out different websites and using other converters. You might have felt that as well but believe me this will make it a lot easy and simple to get your favorite songs.

Issue/Problems you might get after running the program.

  • In some playlists, the download stops, without any reason.
  • Maximum 100 Songs from one playlist.

You should stop wasting your time on useless sites that take you from one page to another. Everything is worth it. There’s no doubt, AllToMP3 has made everything easier for the offline music lover. I recommend you to use and see by yourself. If you like it don’t forget to share it with others.

If any viewer knows more about the software or apps that helps to download music just like alltomp3 then do let us know in the comment section, especially for Spotify.

Things to Know:

Deezloader is the software to download music just like alltomp3 but only for Deezer. So if you’re a Deezer User then you can go for Deezloader. Google it and know it. Spotizr is the site that imports any Spotify playlist into Deezer.

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