If you’re a PC gamer you already know that steam is a large selection of games and you can find amazing deals during their sales, not everyone is a fan of steam. There are some issues that people have with their service including a history of having terrible customer support. If you’re looking for other options for your PC gaming needs I will show you 10 alternatives to steam that you should know about.

Green Man Gaming  – This web-based store sells digital keys for the steam origin and many others. The offers independent sales which vary from those services. You can find many of the newer releases from triple-a publishers along with a large selection of indie titles. If you sign up for their VIP program, you can also get extra discounts. Not found on their home screen to become a VIP its free and all it requires is creating a user account.

GOG – It short for good old games. This distribution site was created by the people over at the CD Project group – the makers of The Witcher Series. What makes this site stand out is that all the games are 100% DRM free.They have some of the newer games with a large catalog of older games that can be hard to find on other services. They also have a gaming client called GOG Galaxy for Windows, Mac and coming soon for Linux. It will make it more convenient to purchase update and play your games.

Origin – It is another service similar to steam with a downloadable client. The site is own by the Electronic Arts another company known for lackluster customer service. If you’re looking specifically for EA titles you’ll find them all right here. If you don’t plan to use the service to buy games, it is worth checking back every month or so to see their featured free games. Right now you can get plants vs zombies games of the Year Edition for free. Once you have downloaded it, it’s yours to keep.

Humble – They are well known for their humble bundles, you can get several games for a low price. They offer a monthly subscription service called the Humble Monthly where you can get several games for a fixed price each month. If you’re a charitable type Humble gives a percentage of what they sell to charity.

GamersGate – It is another popular service that offers game keys to be used on other services like steam and they also have direct downloads for DRM free.titles. The GamersGate offers section it’s worth checking out for great deals.

PlayStation Now – It’s a game streaming service for use with the PlayStation 4 or Windows PC. It is not available for Mac and Linux. With its service, you can get on-demand access to more than 500 PS3 AND PS4 games. Currently, they are offering 7 days free trial after that ends the cost is $19.99 per month.

Direct2Drive – It used to be the IGN game store, it has since been purchased by a holding company and is now run as an independent business. They still offer a large selection of games that can be downloaded from the side. They now also sell games that require DRM activation on services like Steam. Direct2Drive another option to score some great deals on games.

Itch.io – It’s for those of you that like to play indie games. We will find many of the popular independent developers now are publishing their games. Here the pricing can vary quite.a bit and there’s a healthy selection of free games to play too. If you want rated collection check out their bundle’s section. To install an update and play indie games Itch.io has a desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Uplay – It is owned by Ubisoft, which is another service that is similar to Origin. You can find the latest titles from Ubisoft here sometimes of the lower costs them elsewhere. Ubisoft games can also be found on steam. For Ubisoft to require two DRM to play one game is absolutely absurd. If you don’t play Ubisoft games there is no need for you to use this platform.

Microsoft Store – The store which they use to call the Windows Store, it’s an app that’s part of the Windows 10 operating system. It has a decent amount of quality games but what makes the Microsoft store winner is that you’ll find many franchises like Forza Motorsport that were once exclusive to Xbox consoles which are now available for Windows 10 with cross-platform multiplayer

Without a doubt, Steam is reaching its highest peak among other gaming services. If you have any other Steam Alternatives favorite gaming service, let us know about it.

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